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Best Bet: Gant ‘Kick Ass Oxford’ Shirt

A closet without a classic white shirt is like Sundays without television or Tuesdays without Morrie. It’s an absolute wardrobe staple, and if you’re lacking in the button-down department then now’s the time to buy. Roll the sleeves and pair with just about anything —  shorts on a hot day, baggy denim for brunch, a leather pencil skirt for a date, or under a blazer to polish your look. Scour the men’s side of your favorite store to achieve (what we think) is the perfect fit. The boxier style allows for a more modern shape — think tomboy, not corporate — like on this “Kick Ass Oxford” by Gant, which nails it.

Gant Kick Ass Oxford Solid Hugger Fit shirt, $115