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Chelsea Handler Undermines Gwyneth Paltrow Comeback With Blow Job Anecdote

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow was doing so well. She tempered her People’s Most Beautiful Woman Alive win with a Star’s Most Hated Celebrity distinction. She took the preachy edge off her insistence on aging gracefully with some self-deprecating remarks about her past Botox use. She soothed the irritation caused by her ludicrous dietary restrictions with confessions about her drinking and smoking habits. She endeared herself to women everywhere with the revelation that she was not totally prepared, um, pube-wise, to wear her side-butt-baring dress. Then Chelsea Handler comes along and, in true undermining friend fashion, tells everyone about the time Paltrow advised her friend who was fighting with her husband to pretend it was opposite day and give him a blow job. Paltrow countered with a one-two punch about Handler’s forgetfulness (which may or may not be code for drunkenness), but the damage was done. Gwyneth’s a blower, not a fighter.

Chelsea Handler Thwarts Gwyneth Paltrow Comeback