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Chelsea Handler Weighs in on Sheryl Sandberg

Chelsea Handler.
Chelsea Handler. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Chelsea Handler hasn’t finished Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, but she’s read excerpts, and she’s on board: “I’m always a fan of any sort of female movement, and Sheryl Sandberg has been amazing with what she’s done,” she told the Cut last night at New York Academy of Art’s Tribeca Ball. However, as a powerful female, she can’t say she relates to the book’s overall message: “I feel like it’s time to say, ‘We’re equal. We’re equal. We’re equal,’ and then it will become true, instead of constantly trying, with gamesmanship, to align ourselves with men. And instead of constantly discussing it, ad nauseum.” She added, “But I also don’t have children, so what the hell do I know?”

Chelsea Handler Weighs In on Sheryl Sandberg