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Femustaches Remain a Dealbreaker for Some Men

Photo: Corbis

According to an Oxygen Media poll of about 800 people, tied to the release of the channel’s new series Find Me My Man, race and religion aren’t significant factors for today’s daters. Reuters reports 90 percent of Latino and African-American women and 85 percent of white participants would be comfortable seeing someone of a different color; 80 percent of respondents were down to date outside of their religions.

Hygiene, however, is where most of those listed as “It’s Complicated” with [insert pet’s name] on Facebook draw the line: 87 percent of women decline evenings out with B.O.-riddled men, and 68 percent of men call mustaches on women a “top” dealbreaker.

But, Reuters adds: “Men are twice as likely as women … to say they would go on a second date after having sex on a first date.” So if a potential suitor’s beer goggles are too foggy to catch a glimpse of your femustache, you’re golden!

Femustaches Remain a Dealbreaker for Some Men