How to Stage a Bikini Photo Op: An Illustrated Guide


Spring has arrived! So suggests the recent reemergence of the crocuses of the tabloids: bikini-clad celebrities feigning nonchalance while striking poses for the paparazzi. Lindsay Lohan’s first bikini of the season arrived on Tuesday: a low-cut, cobalt two-piece that flaunted her beach body and, um, bruises. (Iron deficiency? Run-in with a thigh-level pugilist?) But the art of the fake-casual beach photo shoot is not for the paparazzi novice. There are nips to slip. Derrieres to air. Wardrobes to malfunction. Let us look to the modern masters of the form — Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Paz de la Huerta — to better understand the art of the bikini flaunt.

Here are the fifteen highly effective bikini-flaunting tactics of celebrities, all from paparazzi photo shoots that found their way into magazines and onto gossip blogs in recent years.

How to Stage a Bikini Photo Op: A Guide