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Jennifer Aniston Has Hickeys on Her Back

Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston wore a Christian Dior bustier and shorts to last night’s premiere of Call Me Crazy, a Lifetime movie she helped produce. She paired the look with a sleek ponytail and marks from cupping — the trendy Chinese medicine therapy where a practitioner arranges heated cups on the patient’s back, creating suction and ostensibly promoting circulation. The result: medicinal back hickeys.

Photo: Steve Granitz/2013 Steve Granitz

Her outfit resembled an abbreviated, feminized tuxedo, with lapels crisscrossing the bust and double-breasted closure cinching the waist. On the red carpet, Aniston fielded questions about her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux. Has she picked out a wedding dress? “No, no, no,” she told E!. Wedding planning, she said, “might make me crazy.”

Jennifer Aniston Has Hickeys on Her Back