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Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s Mom Website Isn’t That GOOP-y

Photo: Venturelli/WireImage

The U.K.’s Sunday Times recently sat down with Julia Restoin-Roitfeld — daughter of Carine, mother of Romy Nicole, and the proprietor of maternity-themed website Romy & the Bunnies. The online destination, which launched last month, is sometimes compared to GOOP. Restoin-Roitfeld said, “I like how [GOOP]’s designed, and I think the concept is genius, but mine is less mainstream. Some people might find it too provocative.”

Provocative … an unsurprising word coming from a person who spent the better part of her pregnancy in “a bodysuit with a little skirt” by Alaïa, the same outfit Carine wore when she was pregnant with her children. “She was like, This will stretch with your bump, but still look trendy.” Restoin-Roitfeld also recalled her labor (Romy Nicole was born to her and boyfriend Robert Konjic last May): “I had to switch doctors, because the one I had was trying to brainwash me into a hippie birth, with no pain relief, but I wanted an epidural. So it was natural but pain-free … I was eating Popsicles, playing music and texting my friends. It was like a party. And to think I was dreading it so much.”

But the 32-year-old wanted to be a mom “as young as possible” and might go back to art directing (while presumably maintaining Romy & the Bunnies). Though, at one point in the interview, she remarked, “If I could afford it, I’d have 10 babies and be pregnant all the time.” That’s so many Roitfelds to want to be.

Restoin-Roitfeld’s Mom Website Isn’t That GOOP-y