Punk Rocker Kanye West Might Be This Year’s Met Gala Performer

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

Checkout-aisle reading material Life & Style reports that Kanye West is scheduled to perform at the Costume Institute Gala on May 6. In a “Cheesy Garlic Bread” potato chips sort of way, the story makes sense: Kanye is a disciple of Riccardo Tisci (who happens to be one of the event’s co-chairs) and wears Givenchy leather skirts on stage, despite the rap community’s contempt for “Givenchy-Kanye.” He and Kim Kardashian also attended the designer’s Paris Fashion Week show in March. (She thought it “was amazing!!!!”)

Speaking of Kim, “Because Kanye is performing he was allowed to invite her,” a source told the tabloid, doing away with her rumored Anna Wintour–imposed ban. But the true entertainment of the evening should be watching honorary chair Beyoncé try to avoid Kimye while stuffed into an elaborate couture gown.

Kanye Might Be This Year’s Met Gala Performer