male gaze

Male Gaze: Dwight Howard’s Pearly Whites

Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

The NBA playoffs begin tomorrow — and despite the sea of pro-ball players dribbling, blocking, dunking in pursuit of the giant golden trophy of a basketball falling into a net, we have our eyes focused on one man only: Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard. Not only is he a sight to behold, what with those massive biceps (oftentimes accentuated in his compression sleeves) and dazzling smile that he never fails to flash on court, but this athlete also happens to be hilarious and knows how to bust out some serious moves. One of his favorite songs is Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,”  he loves Ellen, plus he can fully cover his face with his hands (one of his favorite dance moves). While we adore him, we’re hoping that he starts making more of his free throws in the play-offs.