Senate’s No-Boys-Allowed Supper Club Makes Exception for the President

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The U.S. Senate’s famous, bipartisan-except-no-boys supper club has made an exception for the president. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s hosting. According to Reuters, President Obama invited the twenty women senators to dinner at the White House tonight. It’s his first bipartisan Congressional dinner party, but it’s pretty much standard operating procedure for the senators, who have been breaking bread across party lines since Senator Barbara Mikulski joined in the eighties. According to the Daily Beast, the monthly dinners are a bastion of “the natural camaraderie that existed before so many [congressman] left their families behind and spent every free moment of their nights and weekends fundraising.” How often is the president outnumbered twenty to one?

Obama Crashing the Senate Women’s Supper Club