Party Pics: Alexa Chung, Kiernan Shipka, and More Chanel Muses Romp Among the Azaleas

Kiernan Shipka, Joan Smalls, and Alexa Chung. Photo: Getty Images, BFA, BFA

Chanel hosted a Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner last night, which was basically just an excuse to get all their favorite beautiful people to gussy up in new spring outfits and pose against a backdrop of pink azaleas. The usual suspects like Alexa Chung, Giovanna Battaglia, and Jen Brill were in attendance, as well as newcomer Kiernan Shipka, who is now officially fashion’s next Fanning, and will almost certainly make the rounds at shows next season. Last but not least, behold the ubiquitous Olivier Zahm, who would follow this crowd through azalea bushes and across hot coals if need be.

A major topic of discussion for the evening was Justin Bieber’s Chanel ski mask, which he posted on Instagram last week (and captioned “Channel”). Unsurprisingly, Harry Brant was into it. “It’s fancy. I want one. People at Dolce tell me we’re the same size, so maybe I can borrow it!” he exclaimed. Click through our slideshow to see all the guests, as well as a version of that infamous Hula-Hoop bag, which appeared on the forearm of Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea. (Sidenote: should you need extra convincing to get an inordinately expensive and excruciating facial, zoom in on everyone’s dewy skin. Particularly Michael Avedon’s, as he appears to be wearing glitter gel on his eyebrows.)

Party Pics: Chung, Shipka, and More Chanel Muses