Rihanna Grabbing Her Crotch: An Analysis

Photo: Getty Images

Last night, modern bard of the cunnilingus paean Rihanna  performed with “an unabashedly sexual swagger,” “grop[ing] her crotch” on the stage of Los Angeles’s Staples Center. What is the meaning of all this crotch grabbing? A careful study suggests that Rihanna has five unique crotch-grabbing techniques, ranging from Illuminati handshakes to vaginal ventriloquism.

Fig-Leaf Hand

Expressing modesty.

Crotch-a-Fella Hands

Reminding us that the Roc-a-Fella hand sign that Beyoncé always does, that everyone thinks is an Illuminati handshake? Actually looks so much more like a vagina.

Jazz Vagina

“I’m going to rouge my knees / And roll my stockings down / And all that jazz! / And vagina.”

Ventriloquist Vagina

Rihanna’s got your Vagina Monologues right here.

Just Wants to Itch Her Vagina

Hey, it happens.

Rihanna Grabbing Her Crotch: An Analysis