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Jennifer Lawrence’s Early Modeling Pics: ‘She Moved Like Gisele’

The Silver Linings Playbook actress and self-deprecating face of Miss Dior referenced her shortlived childhood modeling career on Conan in February — Lawrence posed for Abercrombie, but didn’t make it into the catalogue (something about “flared nostrils, red face, my hair’s crazy, and I’m like, WRAHHHH!“) and the images still haven’t made the Internet rounds. However, E! News Now obtained other “exclusive snaps of a young Lawrence,” and spoke to photographer Chris Kaufman, who remarked, “When I first took her picture, I was thinking she moved like Gisele.” E!’s haul, as described by reporter Mayleen Raymey: “The celeb’s piercing blue eyes gaze beneath a fur cap, while her smooth blonde hair falls over her shoulder. Then she heads outdoors rocking country chic duds that play peekaboo with her midriff. Jennifer takes a quick dip before switching to a red swimsuit.” Mayleen, we understand how much you love-love her; nevertheless, the narration reads like the beginning of an erotic novel.

See Jennifer Lawrence’s Early Modeling Pics