Shala Monroque, Crop-Top Adherent: ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Look Vulgar’

Photo: Splash News

The Garage creative director told Vogue.com, “Crop tops are nothing new for me.” As a child in St. Lucia, her aunt introduced her to the style. “Nowadays I like wearing them in the summer with my high-waisted Hermès pants so you barely see any skin. I think you shouldn’t have your navel showing unless you’re at the beach. My raffia Alaïa skirt sits below the navel, so when I wear a crop top with it, I’ll cover-up with a wide cowrie-shell belt. It’s more of a peekaboo effect — just a tease — than about showing the entire thing.”

Shala Monroque Won’t Look Vulgar in a Crop Top