The Style Evolution of Saoirse Ronan, Young Risk-Taker

Photo: Getty Images

When The Host premiered recently, we realized with a jolt that its star, Saoirse Ronan — the wispy, steely-eyed 13-year-old Oscar nominee for her unsettlingly great work in Atonement — turns 19 next week. With two TV series and twelve films under her belt plus several more on the docket, including both Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut and Mary, Queen of Scots, Ronan is no longer the precocious child we see in our mind’s eye but a nearly grown woman blessed with Fanning-esque composure (and, apparently, a stellar work ethic). So, happy early birthday, Saoirse! We made you a slideshow ode to your red carpet evolution from fashion neophyte to sartorial risk-taker. We hope you like it, because we lost the receipt.

Style Evolution of Saoirse Ronan, Wee Risk-Taker