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Tamara Mellon’s Memoir Will Come Out in October

Tamara Mellon.
Tamara Mellon. Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

You may recall that Tamara Mellon spent last year working on her memoir while she waited for her non-compete agreement with her former company, Jimmy Choo, to expire. Today Penguin announced that they’ve acquired the rights to the book, which will be titled In My Shoes — not to be confused with the Jennifer Weiner novel-turned-romantic comedy film starring Shirley MacLaine and Cameron Diaz, In Her Shoes. Co-written by author William Patrick, it’ll come out on October 1. Here is Penguin’s gripping synopsis:

Mellon famously built Jimmy Choo into a billion-dollar fashion brand, yet it’s her personal glamour that keeps her an object of global media fascination. Vogue photographed her wedding; Vanity Fair covered her divorce and the criminal trial that followed. Harper’s Bazaar toured her London town house and her New York mansion, right down to the closets. And the Wall Street Journal hinted at the real red meat: the three private equity deals, the relentless battle between “the suits” and “the creatives,” and Mellon’s triumph against a brutally hostile takeover attempt.

In this candid memoir, she shares the whole larger-than-life story, with shocking insider detail that has never been presented anywhere.From her troubled childhood to her time as a young editor at Vogue, to her fifteen years leading Jimmy Choo, to her very public relationships, Mellon offers a gripping account of the episodes that have made her who she is today.

Meanwhile, the world is still awaiting the launch of her forthcoming eponymous lifestyle brand, which has already gotten quite a bit of press considering Mellon wasn’t really allowed to talk about it. Perhaps its launch will dovetail with the book release? Mellon’s non-compete contract expired in February, so an announcement must be coming soon.

Tamara Mellon’s Memoir Will Come Out in October