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Update: Sean Parker’s Wedding Not Themed, Just Tyrannical

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Affianced tech mogul Sean Parker, though still technically a Bridezilla, is not as nerdy a Bridezilla as this blog previously reported. On Facebook and Twitter yesterday, Parker corrected the “Page Six” report about his June wedding. “This is NOT a theme wedding and there will be nothing ‘medieval’ about it,” Parker wrote. However, he is still dictating what his guests will wear with the help of The Lord of the Rings’ Academy Award–winning costume designer, Ngila Dickson, who created a series of outfits that are “based on modern suits and dresses but with some elements of Victorian flair and whimsy,” he wrote. Sure enough, the Post has acquired a sketch of Parker’s outfit and there is not a tunic or stocking in sight. “Just because we don’t trust our guests to dress themselves properly doesn’t mean we want them to look like Game of Thrones characters,” Parker tweeted. We regret the error.

Update: Sean Parker’s Wedding Not Themed