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Watch Cara Delevingne Contend With Shrimp Poo

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn.
Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn. Photo:

Jourdan Dunn’s cooking show, “Well Dunn,” is back for season two on Jay-Z’s “Life + Times,” this time with Cara Delevingne as the sous-chef and resident fly-swatter. Amid their cute British pitter-patter (“tomahhto ketchup”) and impromptu dancing, they manage to impart some valuable shrimp tempura advice, which you can read below in case you get too distracted by Cara’s dinosaur outfit to pay attention during the video.

1. When prepping shrimp, don’t forget to scrape its poop out.

Jourdan: Then you’re going to take out the poo-poo. See all this slime here? That’s where the shit’s from. Nobody wants that.
Cara: He hasn’t been eating very much, this little shrimp. He’s been watching his weight. I don’t know why. I mean, you’ve got a perfect little figure, shrimp.

2. Don’t taste the sweet-and-sour sauce before all the ingredients have been added, because that’s disgusting.

Cara: What does that taste like, just the brown sugar and ketchup? That would be weird, right?

3. Everything is more interesting when you wear a purple onesie with an attached hood and dinosaur spikes down the back.

Jourdan: So what’s new with you?
Cara: This onesie. 

4. Vegetables taste approximately 1000 percent better when doused in batter and fried in oil.

Jourdan: See, veg can be fun too.
Cara: I know. I’m not a very healthy eater, but Jourdan is teaching me.
Jourdan: Well, this isn’t really healthy, battered veg. But it’s a light batter.
Cara: At least it’s got a bit of green inside it. 

5. Be careful not to cook seafood for too long.

Jourdan: We’ll not overcook the shrimp, because then it’ll be all rubbery and not nice.

6. Sing a song while you’re chopping things.

Jourdan: [singing] Choppin’ up the gah-lic and gin-gah and chi-li, choppin’ up the gah-lic and gin-gah and chi-li, choppin’ up the gah-lic and gin-gahhh, the gin-gahhh…
Cara[whispering in rhythm] Ch-ch, ch-ch, ch-ch, chili chili chili. Ah ah ah. Chili chili chili.

Watch Cara Delevingne Contend With Shrimp Poo