What Does Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Tattoo Look Like?

Photo: Corbis; Jonathan Leibson/WireImage

Today Kristen Stewart turns 23. Happy birthday! Last week while spending time in Texas with Robert Pattison, the ex-Twilighter stopped by a tattoo parlor where she may or may not have gone under the needle. While we can’t know for sure what she got, if anything, we have some ideas about what Lindsay Lohan’s new BFF might have picked:

A bird tattoo, because duh
“Team Jacob”
A Hamlet hazard-sign tattoo to match LiLo’s
“Bad Apple,” to commemorate Snow White and the Huntsman
The Converse logo on her ankle
A raptor claw, because it’s cool
RPatz 4 Eva RPatz 4 Eva”
Ryan Gosling’s face
” :( “

What Does KStew’s Birthday Tattoo Look Like?