Watch Mr. Selfridge for the Best Costumes on TV Right Now

Photo: PBS

If you’ve been missing your weekly dose of tea-time fashion, evening costume changes, and Dowager Countess sass with Downton Abbey off the air, you’re in luck because PBS has brought us the similarly fabulous Mr. Selfridge. Set in 1908 London, the story revolves around Harry Selfridge, founder of the eponymous department store, and the various ladies in his life, including his wife, his patroness, his mistress, and his female employees.

While Jeremy Piven — who basically plays the same hotshot character as he did in Entourage — gets to wear his fair share of elegant neckties and beautifully tailored suits, it’s the ladies’ costumes that are tingle-inducing. These women are into lush fur, big jewels, towering hats, and gorgeous dresses. And because this story takes place in a department store, we get to see all the drama that revolves around women’s fashion: displaying rouge above the counter, selling perfume in the front of the store, and wearing ankle-length skirts. Quel scandale! The motto of the show seems to be “You only live once,”  a phrase repeated by many of the characters, so with that in mind, take a look at some of the fabulous outfits worn on Mr. Selfridge, and set your DVR to record the series pronto, because #YOLO.

Mr. Selfridge: The Best Costumes on TV Right Now