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London’s Jewish Museum to Host Amy Winehouse Exhibit

Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Amy Winehouse would be 30 this year, and London’s gift to the oft-nostalgized pop star is an exhibit at the city’s Jewish Museum. Called “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait,” the exhibit portrays the Winehouses as a typical modern Jewish North London family. And unlike some previous Winehouse tributes, the family has been totally involved in its creation. “Amy was someone who was incredibly proud of her Jewish-London roots,” her brother Alex, the co-curator of the exhibit, told Vogue U.K. “Whereas other families would go to the seaside on a sunny day, we’d always go down to the East End.”

On display will be Winehouse’s personal effects and looks from her iconic wardrobe. Her likeness has been shown in a handful of museum shows (the most famous is a statue titled Excess, by Guy Portelli), but this will be the first exhibit dedicated totally the singer’s personal life and style.

“Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” runs July 3–Sept. 15 at the Jewish Museum in Camden, London.

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