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Arden Wohl and Ippolita to Collaborate on Jeweled Headbands

Arden Wohl.
Arden Wohl. Photo: Billy Farrell/

At Creative Time’s spring gala at the old Domino Sugar factory this week, jewelry designer Ippolita Rostagno and notable headband-wearer Arden Wohl both wore sparkly headdresses. “We’re collaborating on a jeweled headband!” exclaimed Rostagno, pointing to Wohl’s head. “It’s very new. We’re very excited because we’re going to launch a trend.”

“We’re really trying to make headdresses for everyone,” added Wohl. “A whole variety. I think they’ll mostly have stones though, because stones are very powerful. But maybe we’ll do some that can be more high-end, and then other ones that might be more fun for the summer. Like we looked at some turquoise — girls wear it on the beach and then when they go swimming they wear it around their neck.”

But don’t headpieces look a bit, well, silly sometimes? “Women wore them all the time in Renaissance,” Wohl said. “Everybody wears them in L.A. In New York, maybe they don’t. But in L.A., everybody is wearing them.” How does she keep them in place? “I think my head has now been deformed,” said Wohl. “There’s a ridge.”

Arden Wohl and Ippolita Collaborate on Headbands