An Ode to Michele Bachmann’s Flashy Political Style

Photo: Richard Ellis/Getty Images, AFP/Getty Images, Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Today, Minnesota congresswoman and “President of Crazyland” Michele Bachmann announced she will not seek reelection. She will be remembered for her telegenic but fact-defying public statements, her telegenic but vote-repelling presidential campaign, and an ongoing probe into her campaign finances. For some, though, she will also be remembered for her style.

Bachmann was the rare politician who openly discussed her clothing and self-presentation. She discussed shopping bargains, once gave an interview from a dressing room at Macy’s, and wrote in her memoir about taking styling tips from George W. Bush. (“Lose the gloves,” he reportedly advised on a ladylike ensemble she wore to a campaign event.) When she first won her congressional seat in 2006, she vowed to “hit the ground running, even in high heels”; suffering migraines on the presidential trail in 2011, she reportedly blamed the shoes. (Her doctor son noted a “correlation” between his mother’s footwear and headaches.) Her campaign finance filings revealed a $4,700 presidential candidate makeover. Her acrylic French tips have been theorized to be the source of her strength. We now present a complete guide to the style evolution of Michele Bachmann as a national politician.

An Ode to Bachmann’s Flashy Political Style