The Best Behind-the-Scenes Beauty for the Met Gala

Photo: jcrew/Instagram

The Met Gala is the fashion world’s equivalent of the Oscars, minus the pressure of an internationally televised broadcast. Perhaps this is why those invited let their glam crew snap and release one TwitPic and Instagram shot after the other into the social ether. There were dozens of digitized beauty options — caught in various moments of punk-ification — to choose from, but we narrowed down the lot to some of the very best. There’s a supreme close-up of model Karen Elson’s faux nose ring (shot by makeup artist James Boehmer), a blurry picture of Kate Bosworth’s part-gold, part-black shadow job (by Pati Dubroff), and a close-up of Blake Lively’s black rose nail art, painted by her manicurist, Elle. There’s also a towel-clad Emma Roberts, and Jenna Lyons caught moments before leaving J.Crew HQ (above), plus a pile of someone’s hair extensions (Nicole Richie’s, we think?) for you to enjoy. Click through the slideshow to see these and a slew of Instagram selfies.

The Best Behind-the-Scenes Beauty for Met Gala