best bets

Best Bet: A.P.C. + Nike Dunks

Photo: Nicolas Louis

Last fall, Nike and A.P.C. collaborated on a collection of deceptively simple sneakers that had the perfect mix of Americana and French coolness. Within hours of their release the line sold out, leaving those who missed the boat to scour eBay in hopes of snagging a pair. A second collection releases today, with two styles — the Air Max and the Dunk. While the Air Maxes are a true throwback to the early nineties with their retro, almost orthopedic-like soles, the easier style to wear are the Dunks. Available in either all black or beige, the beige feel most seasonally appropriate. The thin sole acts a palate cleanser, should you have wedge-sneaker fatigue.

A.P.C. + Nike Dunks, $85 at A.P.C.