Cannes Day One: Nicole Kidman, Carey Mulligan, Freida Pinto, and More

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

’Twas day one of Cannes, and it rained cats and dogs. Celebrities were eager to make a big splash (pun intended) on the first red carpet, so they went all out for Great Gatsby premiere, only to be forced to gather their skirts around their waists and tiptoe past puddles while attendees scuttled after them with umbrellas. Luckily, enough of the entrance area was protected that ladies could let their trains down and stop worrying about their hair (well, mostly).

Highlights included Freida Pinto in billowy red Gucci, Cara Delevingne in vampy Burberry, and both Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore in new Dior couture. But the best thing about Cannes is that you never really know who’s going to show up. Like Solange Knowles in a huge silk dress, or Cindy Crawford in cinched white Cavalli! (Cannes is Cavalli’s wheelhouse, don’t forget.) Meanwhile, Fan Bing Bing is back to defend her “most ubiquitous at Cannes” title, and for no discernible reason, David Hasselhoff came, too! Just imagine, they’re all probably barefoot together at the same yacht party this very minute.

Cannes Day One: Kidman, Mulligan, Pinto, & More