Celebrity Kids Sticking Their Tongues Out at Paparazzi

Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

For celebrities, an altercation with paparazzi is almost a rite of passage: when you reach a certain level of stardom, cameras will inevitably follow you and you will inevitably lash out. The Biebers and Baldwins of Hollywood deal with this brashly, using choice words and various levels of force to display their displeasure. But say you’re the spawn of someone famous? The best way to show how you feel about being trailed by cameras is the tried and true method of sticking your tongue out.

Universally understood in the classroom (or on the four-square court) to be a putdown, the tongue is the prize weapon in a child’s arsenal. Accompanied by crazy eyes or waving hands, the gesture can sometimes be interpreted as a joke; yet, delivered with narrowed eyes and a grimace, the tongue dart is one step above a death glare. Celeb kids hounded by cameras have mastered this move, using the strongest muscle in their bodies to show the paparazzi just how they feel. Click ahead to see what we mean — even the young Jolie-Pitts are complicit.

Celeb Kids Stick Their Tongues Out at Paparazzi