Essential Punk: 15 Pieces Both Polished and Edgy


Before it was the rehashed leather and spiked trope that it is now, punk had a menacing, threatening look: spiked dog collars, razor-sharp Mohawks, studded leather, and combat boots. After 30 years, the world of fashion has long admired the raw spirit behind punk, but it seems never quite like now, when the Costume Institute has planned an entire exhibition around the genre. Meanwhile, coned bracelets, piercings, tattoos, and spiked accessories have all become as commonplace on runways as they are on St. Marks.

We’ve also found our favorite punk pieces for you to mix into your look. Some of these —  like a blue peacock Mohawk to be worn as a belt, or a singular silver ear tusk — are dares for the more fearless to try out. Others, like a pair of simply pointed crystal earrings or silver rose thorn studs, can be worn easily with any look. In either case, don’t forget that punk is all about giving in to the inner rebel.