Gun Enthusiasts Can No Longer Use ‘the Ex’ for Target Practice


Heartbroken gun enthusiasts can no longer enjoy target practice on “the Ex.” According to the Huffington Post, zombie-themed shooting target manufacturer Zombie Industries has discontinued its female mannequins — the blondes and the brunettes — that bleed when you shoot them. Originally called “the Ex,” the target was renamed “Alexa” after customer reviews hinted some were using it for its resemblance to their ex-wives, not a zombie. stopped carrying the mannequin and Zombie Industries CEO Roger Davis told the Huffington Post that the target will no longer be available after Monday. (There’s still time! Before Mother’s Day!) He added that he’s sorry “people’s feelings were hurt.” He plans to relaunch Alexa with a greener, more obviously zombie flesh tone. His company also raised eyebrows for its zombie target that looks like President Obama.

‘The Ex’ No Longer Available for Target Practice