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Fake Kate Middleton’s Prosthetic Belly Is Oddly Compelling

Photo: Rex USA

Today in creepy Kate Middleton fandom: A British-based photographer named Alison Jackson shot an ad campaign for Ladbrokes, an online betting service, that features impersonators of Kate, Pippa, Camilla, and the Queen enacting various baby-themed scenes. (Fake Kate looks to be Heidi Agan, England’s most in-demand Duchess double.) Pegged to Ladbrokes’ “royal baby odds” betting series, the pictures show “Kate” dunking pickles in ice cream, painting a nursery with the “Queen,” buying a onesie that says “I’m bald like daddy,” and getting her belly measured by “Camilla.”

The resemblance is downright eerie, as if they photoshopped the royals’ heads in, which obviously makes them that much more captivating. Above, our personal favorite: a rowdy Queen taking bets on the baby’s name. Meanwhile, in real life, Pippa was running around in these crazy pants, rendering us totally incapable of telling truth from fiction anymore.

Fake Middleton’s Prosthetic Belly Is Compelling