A Cut Guide to Showing Your Midriff This Summer


Like pollen allergens and sunburns, the crop tops of spring are as varied as they are ubiquitous. Ever since designers showed us how flattering and forgiving they can be (honestly!), slivers and swaths of naked torso have trickled down to the Zara-shopping, Rihanna-concert-going masses. No abdominal muscles — airbrushed or otherwise — required. But for those of us who never expected to go crop top, the midriff is still treacherous terrain. Like, how much belly is appropriate before noon? Is it true, as expectant rapper Kreayshawn wrote, that crop tops are not suitable for pregnant women? Do you have to wear a bra under a bra top? Does my crop top violate my employee handbook in anyway? Because it is only the dawn of the crop top era, we don’t have all the answers yet. But we have analyzed all the known ways to bare one’s midriff. Use The Cut’s “guide” to determine what level of the look works for you— and then let’s see if your old belly button piercing has closed up.

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