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Male Gaze: John Krasinski’s Sweet Lip-synch Moves

John Krasinski is the kind of man with whom you need a king-size bed to snuggle in. Standing at six-foot-three, you will always be the little spoon to his big spoon. His dense, chestnut beard, broad shoulders, and chiseled pectoral muscles (the kind that are just visible enough in T-shirts) make him look like a lumberjack. Well, at least the kind who also dabbles in some yoga on the side to keep those muscles approachable: long and lean. He may be married to Emily Blunt, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still fantasize about running our hands through his chocolatey, frat-boy hair and looking deep into his kind, puppy dog eyes. But if those physical attributes aren’t enough and you clamor for more Krasinski, then click to watch this video of the actor lip-synching against Jimmy Fallon on the comedian’s late-night show. Krasinki goes for some serious emoting, the kind that’s reserved for soul-moving renditions of Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You.”

John Krasinski’s Sweet Lip-synch Moves