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Katy Perry Releases Image of Her Next Perfume on Twitter

You can breathe now. The pop singer has just released an image of her third, long-awaited fragrance via Twitter and it’s a visual whopper. There’s a gleaming gold likeness of her favorite furry feline, Kitty Purry, sitting on top of what appears to be a fancy perfume scepter. The actual smelly stuff seems to be housed in the ruby-looking gem thing. To unleash the juice, which we imagine to smell like potent fruits and florals with a hint of musk and sandalwood (this one does appear to look a bit more sophisticated than her prior scents, Meow and Purr), you’ll have to remove it from that swanky perch. CleoCatra, or whatever catty name it’ll be given, looks like a massive perfume-spill accident in the making.

Katy Perry Releases Image of Her Next Perfume