Katy Perry Talks Met Ball Gowns at Prada’s Gatsby Party

Katy Perry. Photo: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

Because the world just cannot get enough Gatsby parties these days, Miuccia Prada celebrated her designs for the movie last night at her New York store. The usual Gatsby crowd was there, including director Baz Luhrmann, his wife and costume designer Catherine Martin, and Carey Mulligan. Also in attendance: Katy Perry! And yes, she will be attending the Met Gala on Monday, but her dress won’t light up like it’s been stuffed with glow sticks this year. “I can’t give too much away, but I picked it out right when it debuted on the runway,” she told the Cut. “I contacted the designer right away. I’ve known I’d wear it for a couple of months now.” Just one little hint? “It will definitely be me. Let’s just say, I’ll be an original punk,” she said. “I love a theme!” 

Click ahead to see last night’s party photos of Perry, Mulligan, and other guests in their finest Prada.

Katy Perry Talks Met Ball Gowns at Prada Party