male gaze

Male Gaze: The Surfing Giant With Abs for Days

Sure, you love summer for the barbecues, fireflies, sundresses, and s’mores, but let’s be honest, one of the true pleasures of beach time is getting to watch surfers do their surf thing. And for a certain type of woman (ahem) there’s nothing better than a well-cut man in low-slung board shorts, emerging from the rough ocean like a gladiator of the tides. We first saw Australian-born Owen Wright on hip surf brand Indoek’s blog and were immediately smitten. At six-foot-three, with a back like a Davinci drawing on steroids, we can’t lie: He might have inspired a few inappropriate “Riding Giants” jokes. No judgments if you never make it to the beach because you can’t stop watching this video. Enjoy your long weekend, and see you next Tuesday.