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The Meaning of Megan’s Sex Bomb Dress on Last Night’s Mad Men

Photo: AMC

Don and Megan’s marriage has been shaky for a while now, and in last night’s episode, she turned to her mother, the sexy, French-speaking Marie, for counsel. “He’s so far away, that sometimes when we’re alone, I feel like I’m making conversation,” laments Megan. Marie, whose crowning moment on the show so far has been seducing Roger in front of poor little Sally’s innocent eyes, gives Megan the following advice:

It’s easily fixed. Stop dressing like his wife. The only thought he should have at this meal is how quickly he can get between your legs.

Megan giggles in semi-horror, and despite her mom’s questionable perspective (Marie’s own marriage to Megan’s dad is hardly a happy one), proceeds to wear a sex-kitten gold minidress that barely covers her crotch. The smarmy Herb Rennett leers during dinner (“Tall and tan and young and lovely,” he remarks), and Don tells him and Jaguar to shove it — which is exhilarating, until it wreaks havoc at the office. But back to Megan’s outfit: When they get home, Don can’t wait to get her out of it. Meanwhile, Marie swigs wine by herself in the living room, which tells you a thing or two about her marital advice.

Since Megan doesn’t really know about Herb and Don’s conversation, she’s left thinking that her sexy dress is what attracted Don’s attention. But really, it was Don’s own ego, flush with victory, that got him in the mood. Sure, Megan looked great, and Don noticed. But now Megan falsely believes that dressing provocatively will reinvigorate her marriage, when the real issue lies within Don himself. Clothes can do many things, but mending a relationship isn’t one of them.

The Meaning of Megan’s Sex Bomb Dress on Mad Men