Miuccia Prada Won’t Bow to Armani’s Pro-Milan Pressure

Photo: Billy Farrell/BFANYC.com/BFA NYC

Italian designers showing their collections in cities other than Milan have recently felt the heat of the country’s Chamber of Fashion members (and their very own designer brethren) breathing down their backs. The Chamber is currently in the midst of revamping Milan Fashion Week and Giorgio Armani also shared his thoughts on the issue, arguing the most effective way to put all wandering eyes back on Milan would be for all leading Italian houses to return and only show their collections in their homeland. But according to British Vogue, Miuccia Prada won’t be heeding those words. While Prada shows in Milan, Miu Miu has been showing in Paris since 2006, and because of timing, won’t change anytime soon. The designer explained, “It’s the way we work, it’s impossible. Nobody does it.” Prada Group’s CEO Patrizio Bertelli elaborated, “Miuccia is in the studio day in and day out and into the night. She creates the shows and follows every aspect, it is materially impossible to create two shows a couple of days apart … If there were another show a week later —  she’d go there!” Barcelona, perhaps?

Miuccia Prada Unfazed by Armani’s Milan Pressure