Majority of Harvard Virgins Had Sex Before Graduation

Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Say what you will about the cost of higher education, it’s still a pretty reliable way to get laid. According to the Harvard Crimson’s survey of the class of 2013, 72 percent of students enrolled as virgins and only 27 percent of students left without having sex. That means 63 percent of virgins lost it at Harvard. 

The survey includes more interesting findings about students’ porn habits, drug use, and, as the Atlantic’s Eleanor Barkhorn pointed out, the post-graduation wage gap. “Of the students who expect to earn more than 110,000 in their first year of work, three-quarters are male,” says the Crimson. “Of those who will earn 90,000-110,000, men represent nearly two thirds.” Although women are more likely to choose careers in media, education, and health over the highest paid industries, the trend holds when the numbers are broken down by industry. Among the admittedly small sample of students entering finance, consulting, and technology, men were much more likely to earn more than $90,000 than women.

And as long as we’re talking gender gaps, women were more likely than men to leave Harvard still a virgin: 30 percent to 23 percent.

Most Harvard Virgins Had Sex Before Graduation