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Report: Reese Witherspoon’s Atlanta Police Tribute Hat a Knockoff

Photo: Diabolik/Splash News/Corbis

Reese Witherspoon capped off her DUI apology tour, so to speak, by stepping out in a black trucker hat with the seal of the City of Atlanta Police on it — presumably as a show of respect for the officers she so gloriously mouthed off to. However, the impressively loose-lipped APD tells Us it’s a knockoff. “We did not send her that hat,” Senior Officer Stanionis from the Public Affairs Unit told the magazine. “I do not know where the hat came from. It looks like someone just took one of our patches — I’m not sure where she got one — and sewed or glued it onto a black hat.” But then, as far as tabloid-delivered sartorial apologies go (e.g., Kristen Stewart’s love token), isn’t unauthorized, homemade fan gear a much grander tribute than run-of-the-mill swag?

Reese Witherspoon’s Police Hat a Knockoff