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Rihanna on Her Latest River Island Collection: ‘I Wanted to Make Clothes for Fat Days’

Rihanna. Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

Just two months after Rihanna’s River Island had its momentous debut at London Fashion Week, the singer’s second collection for the British brand is upon us. She gave a preview of her new hoodies, off-the-shoulder crop tops, spaghetti-strap dresses, and tie-dye prints in this rather awkward video, which is far too long and feels like rough footage of a scripted reality show. See her offer the following “critiques” as designer Adam Selman and various other River Island employees hold up items for her approval:

“I loooooove this!”

“Is there any way this hood could be a little stiffer? Even if it had a shoulder pad, that would be better.”

“The floral, I think, is very timeless. Usually it’s very chic, and very floral and fun. But I don’t want it to be typical florals, I wanted it to be gangsta, still a little muted so that you could wear it with rock-and-roll stuff.”

Selman is also charged with asking Rihanna a few lowball questions, including, “What made you want to get into fashion design?” (Which seems pretty after-the-fact at this point in the process, but no matter.) She answers:

I just wanted stuff that I wanted to wear because at the end of the day that’s what got me into designing — seeing things on the rack that were great, but that could have been a little more me … Maybe they could have been a little longer or shorter, or have a little more sex appeal or a little less. I wanted to make clothes for fat days; stuff that I want to wear. I was being selfish. Hopefully, my friends and people who shop at River Island will have the same taste.

What a relief to know that you can STILL dress like Rihanna even on mornings after too much late-night pizza! Right?

Rihanna: ‘I Wanted to Make Clothes for Fat Days’