Street Style: Stylish Mom-Kid Couples on Mother’s Day

Photo: Bek Andersen

What did you do for your mom on Mother’s Day? Did you buy her gold-plated golf tees or the latest yoga gear? Perhaps you showered her with a trifecta of flowers, chocolates, and kisses, or maybe you strutted around town (bellies out, post-brunch) with your stylish mother (mother in-law, or grandma) in tow. If you were out and strolling the sunny streets of Manhattan, you might have bumped into the Cut’s Bek Andersen, who took snapshots of mother-kid couples (or matriarchical families) enjoying the happy weather. We asked the kids about the best lessons they learned from their mothers (e.g., how to eat a banana), and the mothers shared what they learned about motherhood over the years. Click through the slideshow above for some of the fiercest (and wisest) duos from both in and out of town.

Street Style: Mom-Kid Couples on Mother’s Day