Vivienne Westwood Was Denied Her Punk Moment at Met Gala

Monday night at the Met Gala, Vivienne Westwood took her turn on the Vogue livestream and wouldn’t answer Billy Norwich’s question about what designer she was wearing. Instead, she wanted to talk about her jewelry: A laminated photo of the Wikileaks revolutionary Bradley Manning, attached by safety pins to her pastel robes.  “When I did punk all those years ago, [it was about the same thing]: Justice and [trying to] have a better world,” she explained. “I’ve got different methods nowadays.” Then she wanted to keep going – “I’ve got one more thing to say,” she added, gesturing to the guy beside her – before she got cut-off/interrupted as the camera panned over to co-host Hilary Rhoda’s introduction to a video piece on Andrew Bolton, the exhibit’s curator. No matter that Westwood donated a bunch of her pieces to the exhibition and that many on that red carpet (Marc Jacobs included) call her the cornerstone, style-wise, of the whole punk movement in London: Vogue’s got to keep this carefully-curated punk manifestation moving right along.

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Vivienne Westwood Denied Punk Moment at Met Gala