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Watch: The Season Premiere of a New VFILES Model Mockumentary

Today, VFILES’s web-reality-show-mockumentary MODEL FILES returns with its second season, reeling fashion-world addicts back in for another round of New York life as told from the point of view of casting agent Preston Chaunsumlit. Within the first minute, we learn that the formerly blue-haired man — who once cast infants for an Opening Ceremony shoot by chasing after “hot moms,” smized with abandon through a “Model Yoga” class, and introduced viewers to the complex world of male modeling — is now … homeless.

Before brushing his teeth with his index finger, he shares, “The truth is, I’m homeless now … I’m a free agent and I can do whatever I want!” This apparently means asking interns to Instagram photos of him, flossing in front of an iMac, and posing on motorcycles for photo shoots. It’s evident that, even though he’s homeless, he’s found fame (and embraced it) as an Internet meme. This season promises other fresh faces, including model “bad boy” Cole Mohr; former reality star Bridget Helene; and the tween son of a fashion executive, named “Little Ben.” Click above to watch a sneak preview of the first episode from season two.

Watch: Season Premiere of New Model Mockumentary