The Most (and Least) Black Eye Makeup at Met Gala

Photo: BFA

The makeup artists must have loved last night’s Met Gala theme, because the punk theme gave the face painters a chance to exercise their artistry. It’s rumored that hostess Anna Wintour sent out an e-mail to all the agencies early yesterday, warning makeup (and hair) experts to keep everyone’s beauty looks “rich and elegant.” There may have been a few who collectively threw their brushes to the ground at all that unjust heeding, but most everyone still stepped up to the plate with black pencils sharpened and at the ready.

While there were a brazen few who opted for colorful eyelids, the most ubiquitous beauty look for the night included loads of black eye makeup. The men played it the safest with a simple rim of noir around their peepers; the ladies took it to more dramatic extremes. We’ve scaled the most intricate black eye looks — from Emma Watson’s virginal lids to Ginnifer Goodwin’s fearless, jet black gaze — to see whose lids got the hardest punk treatment (in that thoughtful, Vogue-approved kind of way).

The Most (and Least) Black Eye Makeup at Met