The Chicest $20 Million Guide to ‘Summering’ Ever!


Now that July is nearly here and we’ve passed the summer solstice, we mustn’t waste another minute: It’s time to get serious about the remaining weeks of sun-time. And by “serious,” we mean lost in the tidal wave of our APR. Because, if you happened to miss a little scandal involving a Fire Island share house and some silly swag, we’ve got some advice for you: It’s more fun to just buy everything.

We’ve rustled up a cornucopia of coastal staples: white jeans, striped espadrilles, ocean-colored suiting, and more that will take us smoothly through all informal occasions while still conveying we spent a fortune on them, a.k.a. “casual elegance.” We’ve also prepared for the onslaught of black-tie galas and white-themed garden parties that we’ll doubtlessly be invited to. We’ve picked out a surfboard we never intend to assault with salt water, and some bicycles that would make any Citi Bike feel like a lemon.

So if you’re in the area, stop by our massive beachfront rental in East Hampton and help yourself to unlimited lobster salad ($100 a pound), plus the best rosé money can buy. Or, better yet, hitch a ride with us to the Maidstone on our massive custom yacht. In the Hamptons, everything is easy. So rather than tell you what to wear (there’s a dress code, but no one’s sharing it) or how to behave, click through our shopping list for a glimpse into how the other half summers.

The Chicest $20M Guide to ‘Summering’ Ever!