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Comparing Cher’s Two Wigs From The Voice Finale

Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC

Cher has never been one to shy away from ostentatious dressing, whether with her outfits (the lacier, racier the better) or costumey hair choices. Some of the disco queen’s more memorable hair looks (outside of her iconic, jet-black locks) have included a beaded head dress, a white-feathered Vegas showgirl head dress, and that time she was a redhead. So we can’t help but highlight the singer’s wig choices for last night’s appearance on The Voice season finale.

When your hair matches the stage lights. Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC

For the red carpet, she opted for a blonde and blue streaky version of her own early eighties hairstyle. But for the stage, she pulled out a pink-, black-, and caramel-colored wig. The Mohawk part of it looked a bit tufty, kind of like those feathered hats military officers wore during the French Revolution. The lower section looked a lot like Joan Rivers’s hair (if it were partially dyed black). Are Cher and Joan Rivers friends? Wouldn’t it be great to imagine that conversation? “Hey, Joanie, so I got this show I gotta do and was wondering if I could borrow one of your head rugs.”