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Creatures of the Wind Designers Moving to New York

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

While the rest of the nominees and winners of last night’s CFDA Awards return to work today (with Champagne headaches, we can only presume), Shane Gabier and Chris Peters — the heretofore Chicago-based co-founders of Creatures of the Wind — will be picking up the keys for their new apartment on the Lower East Side. “We are kind of moving here, to New York, half-time,” Gabier told the Cut at the cocktail hour before last night’s awards. “So we just got an apartment and we’re looking for a studio. We’ll be back and forth. But we’ve been sleeping at hotels and at Chris’s parents house and on friends’ couches for four years, so now it’s time.” Gabier said they had been making lists of kitchen accessories and furniture to buy, but the duo has their decor priorities straight. “We have one really amazing Karl Springer goatskin coffee table that’s, like, seven feet long that we found in New Jersey for four hundred dollars,” said Gabier. “So everything is built around the coffee table.” Because, like most other new New Yorkers, they probably don’t have room for a proper table.

Creatures of the Wind Designers Moving to N.Y.