For Greta Gerwig, Fame Means Getting Clothes in the Right Size

Greta Gerwig.
Greta Gerwig. Photo: Laura Cavanaugh/FIlmMagic

When we ran into Greta Gerwig, resplendent in a creamy white jumpsuit by Scott Sternberg at last night’s CFDA Awards, we asked her how it feels to suddenly have major fashion designers beating down her door. “To be honest, it’s really exciting, because having a higher profile means someone will actually send something in the right size,” she said. “They used to only send way smaller sizes. I’d get this little tiny dress, and just look at it and be like, Oh, I’m so sad. But when you have a little bit of clout, they’ll send over a six, which is awesome!”

For Greta Gerwig, Fame Means Getting a Size 6