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Irina Shayk Demonstrates How to Get Rid of a Stalker

Irina Shayk.
Irina Shayk. Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

Irina Shayk, a Russian model best known for her Sports Illustrated covers and her hunky soccer player boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been having problems with a stalker, the Post reports. She first got freaked out two years ago when she received several gifts from an unidentified man who was also caught skulking around her apartment building. Apparently he even found a way to get inside her apartment when it was being cleaned up after Hurricane Sandy.

What’s a supermodel to do when a weird fan gets out of control and her muscular boyfriend is too busy playing soccer in Europe to play bodyguard? Shayk has provided an excellent blueprint for Stalker Shaking 101:

1. Call the police. She filed several complains when the man was first seen around her building, and dialed 911 when she found out he was in her apartment. Each time, he escaped before the police arrived, so no arrests have been made. The Post reports that she’s now in the process of obtaining a restraining order. But until then …

2. Get your door-people to keep watch. Sure, the average New York City doorman/woman isn’t equipped to fight off a stalker, but they can always raise the alarm if necessary, and expect a hefty Christmas bonus in return. Apparently Shayk’s building staff are on alert. But just in case …

3. Complain about him loudly at Bed Bath & Beyond. A source tells the Post that Shayk was “ranting” about the situation on the phone at Bed Bath & Beyond in Chelsea — on a weekend, no less, when that place is bananas crowded.”She was going up and down the aisles, telling a friend she has a stalker,” says the source. “She wasn’t whispering. I’d never met her before, but I wanted to pull her aside to tell her that the middle of a packed store was [not the place] to talk about that subject matter.” Or maybe it is! Which brings us to …

4. Tell the PostNow all of New York City knows, and any slightly odd-looking man within 50 feet of the model will get the hairy eyeball. Well done, Shayk, well done.

Irina Shayk Shows Us How to Get Rid of a Stalker