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Did Kimye Name Their Baby Kaidence Donda West?

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Id-like gossip website Media Takeout claims to know Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby name: Kaidence Donda West. Is Kaidence Donda West for real? Can we keep repeating “Kaidence Donda West” for the rest of the day, anyway? Kaidence Donda West. Kaidence Donda West.

Evidence against: Media Takeout is consistently wrong about virtually everything, unless there are pictures. (In which case, they’re still homophobic.) Media Takeout is the POIDH of news outlets. Based on Media Takeout reports, Kim Kardashian has already had 10,000 secret Kanye West babies and was maybe a gestational mother for Beyoncé. (Para-phrasing.) Media Takeout is not to be trusted, but as a portrait of the collective subconscious as viewed through a fun-house mirror, it is sometimes a worthy read.

Evidence for: That is totally a name Kimye would give their baby: Kanye’s late mother’s name in the middle, with an extravagant, made-up, quasi-musical, starts-with-a-K name in front. In fact, if Kaidence Donda West isn’t already Kimye’s baby name, there’s a chance that Kimye will see “Kaidence Donda West” in a headline (we already know she reads her Google alerts) and change their baby’s name to Kaidence Donda West. That’s how good Kaidence Donda West is.

If Kaidence Donda West is not Kimye’s baby, then we’re giving that name to our next eight goldfish.

Did Kimye Name Their Baby Kaidence Donda West?